Thursday, July 12, 2007

TORCH phone book

  • Terry and Margaret Reeves 941-504-1407, 941-928-107,
  • Colby Hill 941-705-2336,
  • Phillip Shockley,
  • Mary Womack
  • Brett and Judy Mitchell,,
  • Patty Johnson 931-658-9777
  • Jenny Lovell
  • Jeremy Quillian 941-321-2986
  • Jason M. Tennant
  • Janice Umbaugh janice
  • Leslie (Lester) Woods 615-202-8265
  • Dr. Anna Jane Palmer
  • Katie Wells
  • Elizabeth Pelfrey
  • Angela Rusk
  • Ashley Stewart
  • Rachel Tarnish
  • Kelsey Wright
  • Tom Whitworth
  • Erin Mann 615-972-2515
  • Logan Blakeley
  • Joel Davis
  • Mark Hendrickson
  • Ben Cooper 941-915-2574
  • Anibal Tamacas 954-237-3005
  • Rodolfo "Rudy" Herrera 615-587-2410
  • Amanda Frazier 731-514-4152
  • Sara Massana
  • Randi Grossman 724-859-5224
  • Brian Henegar 931-358-0734
  • Travis Shivers 615-746-8715
  • Sara Tucker 931-801-5623
  • Addie Spellings 901-483-0394
  • Brianna Steffy 814-257-8928
  • Andrew Allgood 615-299-9119
  • Tyler Hoffman 715-659-4244
  • Nat and Linette Baker 901-388-6430
  • Donna Mars 901-373-6132
  • Regina Brittain 901-382-7943
  • Bud Thomas 901-605-3603
  • Malvin Allgood 615-299-9119
  • Collin Thomas 941-923-7521
  • Wyeth Wright 904-323-3609
  • Jenny Lynn Mills 901-258-4763
  • Ross Vego 901-258-8588
  • Emily Seward 901-598-0735
  • Taft and Meleia Ayers 901-484-8238, 901-484-4707,,
  • Bethany Wilson 901-216-3576
  • Jack Lipsey 901-494-5429
  • Justin Brown 901-351-5114
  • Austin Shivers 615-310-4511

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

My Apologies

hello everyone, i want to thoroughly apologize for poor communication throughout this trip. usually we bring our own printer here to print out emails for everyone. this year we didn't though and had to pay everytime we wanted to print something. so i just ask that you all forgive me for the poor lines of communication

Tyler Steffy

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Brian Henegar

To: Michelle & Braden
Love you both & hope you're having a great wk. we're safe but tired & having a great time. i hope you have a great 4th of july. i miss you both so much and wish you could both share this experience with me. Mom & Dad- i hope you're both doing well, mom, you are constantly in my prayers as always, but prayers in & from honduras seem so special. keep the faith. To the rest of my family- i love you all so much and cannot wait to tell you about these great experiences. finally to our hilldale family- we're all doing well, sara & ashley are having the time of their lives. patty, sherri, & linda are great workers & plunge in wherever they are needed. God Bless You All
- Brian


To: Caroline Dodson
thank you so much for the wonderful bracelets, that you and your mom made, they are a hit. i took a few pictures of the girls & some guys wearing the bracelets, several of the moms asked for some too!! it was very sweet of you to think of the kids in honduras. i'm looking foward to showing you the pictures. please tell your mom hello and thanks for all of her help. Woodland Hills Family- thank you so much for your support of the mission trip to honduras. we can't wait to share with you some of the stories and pictures from the trip. i wish each of you were able to witness first hand this group in action. nat linette regina and i are trying our best to keep up with this energetic group, we're all doing fine. including matt. please continue to keep us in your prayers for a safe & productive trip. David, Christie, Sam, & (Jack)- thanks for the note, we got our emails today, after doing a lil 4th of july celebration at the mission house. everything is going great around here. i've gotten to participate in some activities this year that i didn't get to last year. all of the woodland hills group is working hard and enjoying every minute of it, the new folks on the trip, are jumping right in and doing a wonderful job. we're going to one of your favorite places tomorrow, the blind school. i've taken a lot of pictures and have great stories to tell. tell everyone that matt is doing great, he's back with us and went right to work. please also send my thanks to janice, doerflein, cathy bryson, caroline dodson for the items they sent for distribution. the people receiving the items have been very appreciative. we have one more day at the mission house, and we will be going on to our next location. tell mom and dad hello & thanks for taking care of things back home. we're all doing great. love donna. p.s. regina says hi.

- donna

Bethany Wilson

To: Mom, Dad, & Candace
Hola! i miss you so much & can't wait to see you again, but at the same time, i don't want to ever leave this place! i'm so glad i've gotten this chance to make a difference in the lives of thosearound me. this place is incredible & inspiring even with its extreme poverty. i love it here! i'll see you soon! i love you! bye!


Emily Seward

To: Dad, Mom, Sam, & Meg

Everything is going very well! thank you so much for letting me come! it is the experience of a lifetime! i love you all! mel is taking care of me since matt can't!
Jenny, Abby, Katie, Annie- i love and miss y'all a lot! don't have too much fun w/out me!
Kerry- they are taking care of matt! don't worry! love you!


Meleia Ayers

Dear Woodland Hills Family- i miss you very much. even though there are many people on this trip that have been before, there are many new things to see and do. everyday our hearts are broken and i love seeing the "rookies" experiencing Honduras for the first time. the things your eyes see for the first time are unbelievable. everyone is doing well (matt including). we are hoping he joins us tonight or tomorrow. please keep us in your prayers. everyday we w2ake up, we are changing lives. the gratification is undescribable. today we are going to pass our food and door knock in one of the poorest villages. i am trying to remind everyone to write so if someone has not yet, i am sure they will. love you all!

Sunday, July 23, 2006

July 17-20th messages

Joel Davis

To: Laurie, Sean, and Seth

Love and miss you all so much! We’ve had a great 1st 3 days. Went to a really neat children’s home called Good Shepherd. Learned some Spanish and taught a young girl named Daniella how to read English. Wish I could bring her home to live with us. Everything is going great! Huge and Kisses!


Sondra Boatman

To: Dara, Bruce (and everyone)

We are all having such a wonderful time. The children’s hospital is definitely not ACH. Today we got all of our medical supplies together and tomorrow we will do a clinic. I miss everyone so much. Love to all.


Mona Patterson

To Lynn, Becca, Sam, Chris, Carrie (everyone)

We’ve been to an orphanage and also a children’s home, then today we went to the warehouse and inventoried/organized medical supplies for clinics we’ll do on Wednesday and Thursday. Will has helped build a house and done heavy lifting at the warehouse. We’ve also visited a children’s hospital-very third world. More to come!!

Love to all Mona

Casey O’Leary

To Mom (everyone) and Nick

Miss everyone lots. I’m having a good time and doing lots. I miss you and love you. Please call Nick and Tell him I love and miss him – call until you talk to him please. I will only be able to write two more times so you will hear again. I love you

Hollis Newton

Hello from Tegucigalpa, Honduras!! This place is so neat! Since I’ve been here I have visited hospitals, and children’s homes, as well as take orphans on a field trip. Whether they are sick or well, there children are so sweet. It is the best feeling in the world to see the excitement on a kids face when you tell him he is going out to a lunch, a movie, and ice cream. My kid for the day, Samuel, offered to give me some of his sandwich. What a kid! The kids at the hospital were so happy for our company and they asked if we could came back tomorrow. At the orphanage the kids played to their hearts content. One young little girl fell asleep in my arms while I was holding her. I love it here. These people need the hope and joy of Jesus, but praise God they are receptive. I am doing well. I miss you all very much. Love you!! Thank you for everything.

Nolan Grossman
To Mom and Dad

Hey, how are things back home? It is awesome down here. I’m having a great time. I have been very busy doing a lot. I’ve helped build a couple houses, and I’ve visited many people. I miss you though, haven’t heard from you yet, whish is unusual for you mom. So I was just curious that everything up home is ok. That’s all, were eating dinner so I have to go eat. See you in another week! Love you!


Alyce Barton

To Mom and everyone

Hey! I made it to Honduras fine. The place where we are staying is absolutely beautiful. The past 3 days have been great. We have visited hospitals and orphanages. The children I have met are the coolest. They are great. There is a lot more still to come. I can’t wait!! How is everything back home? I miss ya’ll very much. See ya’ll when I get back. Love you

Tyson Nales

Mom Dad, Jenna, Denver, Grandma and Grandpa and Aunt Dorothy

Everything down here is awesome so far. I am going to Jen about getting MAC a little sibling because the kids down here are awesome. I miss you a little. And I will see you and try to call sometime soon. Love you! Tyson

Linda Thompson

Dave, Family and Friends

We are all doing wonderful. Have been working hard. Today was a hard day getting things ready for medical clinic. We have some awesome nurses with us! The times seem to be going so fast. Truly wish you were here. I love you.


Amber Price

To Bill Price

Hey dad. I’m having a blast. Keep me in your prayers. I love you Thanks for letting me do God’s will in my life. The mission field is hard, but I’m storing my treasures in Heaven.
Love Amber.

Jenny Lovell

Jake Noah, and Hope, Melissa, McDowell Family, Western Hills CofC and Friends

Hey guys! It is great here!! I miss you all especially my favorite little boy and little girl Noah and Hope! I have shown everyone your sweet pictures and they all agree that you are gorgeous!! The country side is beautiful and the people are very sweet and Needy!! Wow-we are blessed! Love you all- kiss the babies for me Jake-kids and kiss daddy for me!! Mom and Dad good luck with the kiddos on Saturday

Love Jenny

Erin Mann

Jon and Jody Mann

Hey everyone! Everything is so amazing here. I have went to the hospital twice and visited two children’s homes. Sunday we took the kids from Didasko to the mall and bought them lunch. Then we went to see Cars. The little boy I was with loved it. We will be leaving the Mission House Wednesday. Tell everyone I said hi and that I miss them. I will write you again in a few days. Love you, Erin.

Diane Adams

Hola Family Friends Church-

We arrived safely, which I’m sure you know if you are reading the blog. Once again. I am so blessed to be here, and pray more will come with me next year. It is so gratifying to me ( and hopefully also to GOD) to see the growth of what has been painted especially the Casa De Esperanza. This is the orphanage we started working on last year and which has, as of 3 weeks ago 5 little boys- the members of one family. I’m taking lots of pictures and will tell all when I get back. I must go now to eat breakfast.

Love to all!!

Tyler Steffy

Hi Mom, Dad and Sis, Just wanted to let you know I’m alive and headed to Choluteca. See you in a few weeks. Much love!!

Monday, July 17, 2006

July 15-16 Messages

The Hudson Family
Troy W. Hudson

Hello all, just wanted to let you know that we are all doing great in Honduras! All are healthy, well and working hard. So far we have been building houses, vacation bible school, house-painting, visited an orphanage, a pediatric hospital and have experienced a whole new way to drive- Honduras bus drivers are a special breed- for example one of our driver’s nicknames is “Loco.” We have seen some human conditions that have shocked us and some views that have awed us. We have done our best to serve these good people our best to serve these good people with a heart for God- loving our fellow man, the way Christ has led us to do. Thank you for your prayers and taking care of the estate (sandy). We love you all! The Hudson Family.

Troy A Hudson (with a little t)

My friends (ie lauren), I am glad I finally have a chance to share with you some words from Honduras. I’ve been very busy working and writing so fast, and I expect that will continue. To this point I have served in many different ways I wasn’t expecting, and I’ve been speaking a lot of Spanish. Or more precisely, I’ve been speaking a little Spanish a lot. I miss you, Lauren, but I wish you could be here and see this incredible country with me. It is spectacularly colorful and the sky is full of the most beautiful clouds. The people here have such wonderfully kind hearts and there are even some children who have put our team to shame with their hard work. I’m keeping a record of everything so I can share this with you when I come home. Hang in there; I’ll return soon with lots of stories and probably lots of sunburn. Oh, and I have been very careful. I love you and I miss you and America. I carry your note with me everywhere. With love, troy.


Roger, I wanted to let you know we are all fine. Tomorrow is our last day in Tegucigalpa then we go to Comiyagua Saturday morning. We’ll be distributing food tomorrow I think. I don’t think we will have email available once we leave here, but the hotel might have it. I miss you. Wish you could be here to see how excited these people are when they get their house. See you soon. Love Julia.


I have been very busy. I miss you very much. Hope all is well in Columbia. I’m anxious to hear about your interview and how that went. See you soon. Love you. Love Adrian.

Ethan Thomas
Mom, Jake, Grams, Papa

Hey guys its me, well yesterday I helped build a house. And the day before yesterday I was Jonah and I had a lot of lines but it was still fun. I made a friend yesterday and gave him my watch so I’ll need a new one because I keep looking at my wrist and no watch. Oh I just realized I didn’t tell you what day it is, it’s Friday. Well I gotta go eat breakfast so bye-bye. Love, Ethan.

Ed and Kathy Nicholson
Familia y Amigos!

I can’t believe this week is wrapping up. In some ways it has been lightening fast and in others – its seems like we’ve been gone for a month! Lauren, Aimee and Britty, we miss you soooo much and can’t wait to se you!!! The medical team had great success. The Lord blessed us with an almost bottomless supply of meds even though I thought we’d never have enough. Almost 300 patients later – he proved me wrong. Today is another construction day. I’m getting used to these work boots Lauren, but I think they will have to be left behind – major yuck. Once again, we thank you for your prayers and support See you Sunday – pray for our safe and boring, uneventful, flight home. God is Good! Ed and Kathy!

Julia Holton
Family and Friends

Wow, what a busy week. Haven’t had much time to write. This week we’ve had a 3 day VBS, 2 day medical clinic, build 5 houses, poured concrete and painted houses and the church building. The medical clinic was a great success and Heather and I enjoyed working as pharmacists. Chip and Beau and Ben have been busy doing heavy duty work like construction, concrete, and painting. It’s been a great week but very draining. We’re having a great time. Heather and Beau have really fit in well with our group. We’re so glad to have them a long. They are very hard workers. Time for devo so I must go. Please continue to keep us in your prayers. We love you! Chip and Julia.

Danny Thomes
Nancy, Jake, Mom, Dad, Kim Gist

It is Friday morning. Kim sorry I am slow on the update. I think the internet connection is touch and go. We received our messages on Wednesday. Tyler arrived safe and sound. His bags got here a couple of days later. He is doing great! I made sure he called you yesterday to let you know he was alive. Family, we have missed you so much! We are anxious to see you and tell all our stories. Wednesday night we went to the Jesus statue that overlooks the city. What an awesome place for worship. We prayed over the city and for the work being done there. Great singing! This is probably the last message we can send out. Tomorrow we leave for Comiagua (sp?) and I don’t think we will have the web access. We have had a blessed week. All 5 houses are complete, several more painted, much work at the churches and VBS and medical clinic. No one has been seriously sick. God is SO good. Love to all! Danny.

Tyler Gist
Family -

Hey, sorry I haven’t sent you an email yet but I called and left a message on the phone. We’ve been busy all week and I just haven’t remembered. Today we are going to distribute food boxes to one of the towns, so I’m fixing to have to leave to do that. My luggage was left in Houston with 67 other bags that were supposed to be on my plane but I got the bag Tuesday night. I’m having a great time and I know yall would enjoy it if yall come. We are going to another town to stay tomorrow so I don’t know if I’ll get to send another email or not but I’ll be home in 4 days. Love Tyler.

Lindsay and Andy Wiggins
Friends and Family

Hola! We only have a few more days left. It will be hard to leave here. We have had a great trip! Andy has been building a lot. He works so hard! Yesterday we gave out food in an area called Nueva Oriental. It is so sad how little people have here, it is hard to comprehend. We also went to a Blind School yesterday and I made a friend name Lillian. She was 19 and very sweet. I didn’t want to leave. All the blind children sang to us and it was so beautiful! Very emotional, but I guess this whole trip has been. The sweetest children you will meet are here. You find friends everywhere you go, the children grab your hand and follow us the whole day. The medical Clinic me and mom helped with saw over 200 people the 2nd day and like 65 the 1st day. There is so much need here. Simple stuff we take for granted. In the USA we take so much for granted. I look forward to seeing everyone but we will miss it here! We love all of you! God is Good! Lindsay and Andy Wiggins.

Kevin Cline
Mom, Dad, Kristy, Zoe, Aubbie, and Amy

Hey guys. I made it here safe and I am having an incredible time. The country is so beautiful that you will never believe me unless you were here. We do have Coke and other American products that are safe to drink so I am not starving. The facility is gorgeous and I love all the people here. We are not doing Hard work yet but I know that it is coming. Tell everyone that I love and miss them to that I am not starving or sick yet. I love yall so much and I will keep in touch. Love, Kevin. P.S. I wish I had packed more cameras because I already used half of them. (lol)

Friday, July 14, 2006

July 13-14 messages

Claire Chesshir
To Everybody

Hey everyone! I miss you guys a ton and a half. The south Carolina group is here and a new group is coming Friday. The next group is rumored to be tons of fun. Sunday after I updated my other blog at the mi esperanza house italy won the world cup and I went to valley of angels and walked around. I didn’t buy anything because I was having fun bartering, oh and I bought a papusa. That night was the last devo with the my first group. I cried. They were all such awesome people. Monday I helped pour and mix concrete at San Miguel. Nicole T. and Randy came so it was lots of fun. That afternoon a couple people went up the hill to finish putting tin on a house from Saturday that the other group didn’t finish. We also saw the future site of a day care. Tuesday morning I got on the bus headed to Nuevo Oriental to build. There were way to many people and the site was great by torch standards so we were pretty much done at 2 and left close to 3:30. I did the roof with a couple of men. That is always fun. Wednesday I went back to San Miguel with Randy, Nicole and a couple of people from Torch to pour more concrete. I carried two 90 pound bags of concrete up the hill. Then we had a wedding there that afternoon. A man and his wife went to that church and the man wanted to be baptized but because he and his “wife” weren’t legally married he knew he was living in sin and wanted to change that. So they were legally married and then he was baptized. (the wife was already a Christian)(marriage here is very $$$ and some people don’t have birth certificates so it is really difficult too) It was awesome. Then we stopped by wendy’s on the way back in town and I got a cheeseburger, 10 chicken nuggets, fries and a diet coke. (I only ate 6 chicken nuggets though). We went to the Jesus statue for devo. I watched an electrical storm. Other than that I’m not sure if anything exciting has happened. I did laundry for the first time. I have so many clothes. It’s fabulous. Dinner has been ok, I have a stockpile of Ramen noodle cups though. Thanks for the emails, keep them coming. Love to infinity and beyond. –Claire ps If you heard about the bus accident in Tegucigalpa, don’t stress it wasn’t a torch bus.

Emily Holton
Anna, Tuechonns, Mel

We are doing great. We weren’t in the bus accident. This place is amazing. Keep praying for us. I miss yall and I can’t wait to get home and show you my pictures and tell you about it. Love, Emily.

The Holton’s
To: Friends and Family

What a week! And we’re just half way. We’ve done so much and experienced so much. Our group is fantastic with focus coming out like you would not believe. We’ve enjoyed terrific singing at our devotionals. Today is Thursday. Yesterday we had our last VBS at the church in valley of angels. Our medical clinic was at the church and saw over 200 people, we also had a crew painting the outside walls of the building. We believe our effort will be a great asset to the local church. The minister, his family and his father-in-law were there meeting the locals every day. Last night we went to the Jesus statue and we had our devo overlooking Teguc. It’s a little rainy this morning but we’ve got one house to build, some concrete work to do, and food distribution. We also paint as many houses as possible. Hope all is well back home! Love Chip, Julia, and Kids.

Ethan Thomas
To Mom Jake Grams Popa

It is Wednesday and hard to believe the the trip is halfway over. I have been in VBS the last two days. I think I have found my calling – Monday I was a spy, Tuesday I was Goliath ( on Aaron’s shoulders). Today I will be Jonah. Dad has built houses the last two days. Their work has gone great. They have four houses done now and one more to go. They may get to go back and paint some of them. Oh, they LOVE the windchimes! It is like the center of attention. Well gotta go get swallowed by a big fish! Love, Ethan.

Jaclyn Nichols
Family Friends

Hey! I’m sorry I haven’t been able to write but its been really busy. The plane ride down here was great and I’ve been having an awesome time. Already I met a little girl that I wish I could bring home with me. I can’t wait to get home and tell every single detail of the trip. By the way, Dad is doing just fine and I’ve been taking good care of him and myself. I love all of you so much and I can’t wait to see you soon. Love Jaclyn.

Troy Wahr

Melinda Wahr, Jessica Wahr

Great news about Haylee Ping. We are very busy here. The 1st real work day Julia Dial and Crystal Thomas really impressed me with their hard work. It kinda remainded me of Jen Arnold and Katie last year. No matter the task or how dirty, they went to work with a servants heart. The first day of VBS I used a lesson that I use out on post. We had one guy say he wanted to be baptized and they scheduled if for Sunday. When we walked out on the porch there was a lady thumbing thru the Bible and they set up a study with her. Justin is doing good. Crystal and Sierra say Hi and thanks for remembering them in you prayers.

Love ya

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

JULY 14th TRIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IMPORTANT!!

Nashville Crew

Jenny Lovell has 55 sets of sheets to bring. Anyone who has extra room in their bags please leave room. She is bringing them to the airport. If you are only bringing one bag bring an extra bag to put all of them in. If you have any questions contact Steve Kemp.
Thanks so much Terry and Margaret Reeves.

July 14th Medical Team
Linda, Patty, Mona, Sandy, and others,

The medical team here ask that you bring more infant Tylenol and Jr. strength chewable Tylenol. ANY TEAM MEMBERS CAN BRING ITEM WE JUST NEED MORE!!! Bring Surgi-markers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks Terry and Margaret